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If you need to create a benefits explainer video that’s longer than 2 minutes, think about creating one with chapters that let the viewer choose how they want to watch it.

Typical employee benefits explainers are meant to watch it from beginning to end. This means if you need to return to any portion of the video you’ll have to awkwardly scrub through the play bar. This is fine when benefit explainers are the optimal length for these kinds of videos

The Economic Development Organization’s (EDO) website is one of its most important marketing tools. But before you get into design and functionality details, make sure you can answer these 7 questions.

In the economic development marketing toolkit, few tools are as valuable as the website. According to DCI’s Website Insights for Economic Developers report,

“With nearly two-thirds of corporate executives and location advisors navigating to websites of economic development organizations (EDOs) as a resource in their site selection process,” (2)


Choosing the right intranet software doesn’t have to be stressful if you have a streamlined, visual way of evaluating your options. It’s as easy as A, B, C.


Back in the 1990s companies were taking their first steps into digital transformation. So they deployed on-premises intranet software that was helpful to IT, HR, and employees alike. However, these systems suffered from neglect as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions became more popular in the early 2000s. This led to intranets earning…

As a versatile benefits or campaign communications tool, microsites offer plenty of advantages over one of their predecessors, e-brochures. But in return, they require considerably more resources to create and maintain.

Microsites are useful communications vehicles for targeting specific messages to a niche audience. We’ve created them for:

  • HR benefits portals
  • Retirement and financial wellness education
  • Product landing pages
  • Corporate initiatives
  • Digital annual reports

With all the versatility of a website, it’s easy to see why they’ve usurped one of its…

Similar to their B2C cousins, explainer videos created for HR communications require careful planning. But answering 6 key questions ensures that they’re as effective as possible.

If you’ve bought an app, subscribed to a new online service, or just been on the internet over the past decade, you’ve probably seen an animated explainer video; short, engaging videos that bridge the gap between an ad and a full-on presentation. They’ve become ubiquitous not because they’re a fad…

Employee explainer videos can be an effective part of your internal communications toolkit. But creating one isn’t just about the production. It also involves a bit of planning and consideration about how you’ll promote it afterward.

Regardless of their age, users online still prefer to receive their content in a video. But this isn’t news to you. You’ve probably taken in your fair share of the 500 million hours of video watched on YouTube each day. …

Videos can trick you into thinking you’re more competent at a task than you really are. So make sure training videos are accompanied by real-world experiences to make sure true learning has happened.

A recent episode of the NPR podcast Hidden Brain tackled the topic of how watching videos can trick us into thinking we’ve learned a skill (particularly one that requires performing an action) when we haven’t.

“When I watch the video, what I think I’m losing is I’m losing the ability…

Video has become a necessary tool in HR communications. Adding some animation in the mix adds another level of clarity and flexibility to your communications strategy.


A lot has been written on the power of video already, but to summarize, video has three key attributes that make it an essential part of any effective HR communication media mix:

  1. They’re attention-grabbing
  2. They’re persuasive and
  3. They’re trackable.

“Four out of five executives said video use improves productivity and…

Seemingly small details — like the length of your employee videos — actually play a large role in creating a great employer experience. Here are the optimal lengths for a variety of HR communications videos, including those for recruitment, benefits explainers, and L&D training.


In the first episode of Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast “Go and See” he introduces the listener to the Japanese concept of omotenashi. Although not a literal translation, this term has come to represent an obsessive desire to

“Anticipate the needs of your guest and address them without your own ego getting…

Videos are an increasingly popular and effective way to communicate vital benefits information. But before getting started with the fun part, actually creating the video, there are four considerations you should keep in mind to ensure you’re not wasting time and effort.

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